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Demand Bexar County Democrat Chair Dan Ramos Resign for Homophobic and Racist Remarks

Dan Ramos, the Chair of Bexar County Democrats, recently stated the following regarding homosexuals:

They are all connected to the gay Democratic Party, the so-called Stonewall Democrats. Just like termites they managed to get some of their people in key positions.

He went on to disparage our community further, referring to us as the “Nazi Party” and added racism to his political agenda:

I liken them to the Tea Party — the Tea Party and the f—ing Nazi Party — because they’re 90 percent white, blue-eyed, and Anglo, and I don’t give a f— who knows that. Just like the blacks … they’re American, but you can’t get your way just because you’re black.

The Direct Action Network of San Antonio find these comments abhorrent and demeaning to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and degrading to the struggles of the African American community and their fight to be recognized as full citizens of the United States.  Please sign our petition, joining with the State Democratic Party Chair and demand the resignation of Dan Ramos.

*This petition is now closed.  Thank you for your signatures.*

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19 Responses to Demand Bexar County Democrat Chair Dan Ramos Resign for Homophobic and Racist Remarks

  1. Jessica Naomi says:

    tell The Bexar County Democratic Party to dump that bigot right here

  2. The only honorable remaining for Dan Ramos is to do is issue an apology and resign.

    Of course, this man knows nothing about honor.

    Member, Stonewall Democrats of Denton County
    Chair, Texas Young Democrats Veterans-Military Affairs Caucus
    MM2 (NUKE/SW) US Navy 2002-08

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  4. ricky leliefeld says:

    Its bad enuf that we have to fight the republicans and other homophobes and hatemongers without having to fight them in our own democratic party.Dan Ramos has a right to his opinion but as an elected or appointed representative he also has a responsibility to do his job in a fair and non-discriminitory way.He has failed miserably at this so he must apologise and then resign to let the Bexar County Democratic party continue on without the stain of his participation holding them back.

  5. Max Vincent says:

    Of course, the decent thing for Ramos to do is resign. Problem is, the key word here is “decent”. This knuckle-dragger shoud do the right thing and slither back under the rock from where he came from. We expect better from our elected officials.

  6. Ted Prichard says:

    In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM does an ELECTED Official have the right to publicly degrade me! IF anyone in an elected office doesn’t like his/her constituents then resign and go to a farm where you can’t be seen or heard from again.

  7. Spike R. Buie says:

    It’s time we get rid of this type of hatred and ignorance !! Resign now !!!!

  8. virginia says:

    Did we honestly expect anything more than HATE and IGNORANCE from another close minded bigot…… These people are taught from a young age by their bigot families. I love to think positive but Hard Core Hate filled people will ALWAYS be Right beside us every step of the way….. sad sad sad…

  9. Aiizaku says:

    tell him how you feel at his email too, and the next meeting is Tuesday, April 5, 6:30 p.m. @ Luby’s Cafeteria, 911 North Main. Make sure the rest of them who don’t demand it either with have a disrupted agenda TILL action is taken.

  10. Ruby Krebs says:

    Everything he said in that inteview is contrary to the Texas Democratic Platform. I do beleive he is bound as the chair of the Bexar County Democratic Party to follow and adhear to the party platform. I call on all members of the CEC to come to the April meeting and join me in calling for the chairs resignation. Let us show that we are united against this kind of discrimination.

  11. D. Karen Wilkerson says:

    As a Precinct Chair and fellow Texan, I am appalled at Mr. Ramos’ comments. He obviously does not adhere to the Democratic Party principles of inclusion, non-discrimination, and affirmative action in all circumstances.

  12. Cynthia Joiner says:

    After a lifetime of loyalty to the Republican party I felt compelled to leave when their platform became enshrined in hatred, fear, and bigotry. I would ask Mr. Ramos to join the Republicans. They would be so proud of him.

  13. Madeleine Dewar says:

    Many of us knew of his racism, but now he has finally come out of the closet to the whole world and those who supported him are having to either completely back away or be labeled with his feathers. He has to go. He is uncouth, a bigot and quite mad. I hope he gets the help he so desperately needs.

  14. Laura Norton says:

    Aiizaku – thank you for Mr. Ramos’ e-mail – just what I was looking for. Thank you also for the info on the meeting 4/5. I’m new to the area and have held back from involvement with the Party just trying to make sense of the mess they are in. Mr. Ramos’ comments have had the unintended effect of spurring me to action. I may not get everything that’s going on, but I know this – Mr. Ramos is not representing the people anymore and he needs to resign for our sake and his. See you 5 April!

  15. Michael Rodriguez says:


  16. admin says:

    @Michael: Our mission is to empower and enrich the lives of LGBT people by holding governments and businesses accountable for discriminatory policies and practices. To do this, we felt obligated to provide an outlet for those degraded by Mr. Ramos’ comments to have a form of representation on this issue. He is an elected official and should represent freedom and equality, not belittlement of communities and movements. We will continue to pressure Mr. Ramos for his resignation and do our best to send the message to all representatives of the people that racism and homophobia will not be ignored.

  17. Daniel Coble says:

    I sent him the following e-mail, and I am dead serious. I do not make threats at any point merely promises or possible courses of action.

    Mr. Ramos,

    You are hereby informed of intent to take action. You now officially have until 0001 to tender your immediately effective resignation from your position within the Bexar County Democratic Party. Failure to comply with this will result not only in a class action lawsuit on behalf of the entire LGBT community but also on behalf of the African American community, both of whom you disparaged with your comments. Please further be advised that failure to resign by the specified time will also result in Federal Criminal charges being brought against you for hate speech as well as slander in direct violation of the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding hate speech and what constitutes it as a violation of law and not falling under the duly protected right to freedom of speech.

    Please also note that due to our belief that you were representing only your beliefs and not those of the Bexar County Democratic Party we will not be conducting these actions against them, however, should you fail to resign, we reserve the right to conduct the same actions against you individually as well as against the Bexar County Democratic Party as a body. Your cooperation with this formal notification is highly appreciated.

    Daniel Keith Coble

    I may not be a lawyer but I know the law very well. I hope he wakes up and smells the roses. I also hope that I phrased the Letter Of Intent not only well and properly but also in a lawyerly manner. Pardon if I seem to ramble, I am new to being politically active and a bit nervous.


  18. Daniel Coble says:

    Just noticed an issue…I failed to note in it that I meant 0001 on Tuesday morning. Oh well, hopefully he is smart enough to realize I meant business days.


  19. Isidro Gonzales says:

    I’m just glad that he showed us his true colors at such an early time so that we could do something about it. Just imagine had he not and just went about his hate mongering behind the scenes: that would have been much, much worse.

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