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April 5, 2011: Rally for Resignation of Dan Ramos

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
5:30 p.m.  – 8:00 p.m.
Sidewalk in front of Fredericksburg Rd. location of Luby’s Restaurant 

4541 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio, TX
DANSA is calling the “Rally for Resignation,” a community action directed at Dan Ramos, who has refused to resign from his position in the Bexar County Democratic Party after sustained and unapologetic comments comparing the LGBT community to termites and Nazis, among other epithets targeted at the African American and disabled communities. Join our community at the rally for the resignation of Dan Ramos!


Ramos and his supporters have called a meeting for the County Executive Committee (CEC) at the Luby’s Fredricksburg Rd. location in addition to the CEC meeting previously called at the Main St. Luby’s location. The community will meet Ramos at the Fredricksburg Rd. location to demand his apology and immediate resignation for his bigoted comments.

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3 Responses to April 5, 2011: Rally for Resignation of Dan Ramos

  1. John E Foddrill Sr says:

    Democrats have a lot more to worry about then the comments by Mr. Ramos. Mayor Castro, Councilman Lopez and many other Democratic elected officials in Bexar County/SA have conspired to hide the long term criminal activity inside our City/County including the theft of public funds, accounting farad, contract fraud, open meetings violations, grant fraud, etc.

    Elena Guajardo knew of the crimes in 2005 BUT looked away. She continues to ignore the criminal acts but runs on a platform of “fiscal responsibility “! Nelson Wolff, Leticia van De Putte, the Castro twins, Villarreal, etc. all know of the crimes and ongoing illegal cover-up but look way. They ignore criminal activity but jump into action because of some name-calling?

    The theft of up to $ 5.2 MILLION a YEAR since 1982 is a violation of law. The theft occurred every month over the past decades over and over and over. The money was stolen from every city department and every grant with a phone budget. E911 and phone service was affected. Lives were put at risk. Now our elected officials conspire to hide the crimes by committing more crimes.

    If the Stonewall Democrats, the Direct Action Network, etc. can’t be bothered to attack the long term theft of our money that impacted the safety, health and education of our citizens then they have no right protesting and marching because someone called them names.

    Get your priorities straight. (no pun intended)


    public funds


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