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April 16th, 2011: Stand against hate at Ramos trial

By John Dean Domingue, Organizer for DANSA

The strength and passion behind the movement for equality build daily, especially here in San Antonio, where queer groups along with other organizations have started building coalitions to communicate and organize together for equality and justice. Because of these networks, we have the power to rise up from the sidelines, where we’ve been silent for too long about hatred and bias against our communities. The sustained prejudice and thoughtless rhetoric of Dan Ramos have not fractured our community like he hoped, but instead have brought us together as a united force.

DANSA will be at the trial for the removal of Dan Ramos [PDF] on Saturday, April 16th, 2:00 p.m. at the Metropolitan Community Church at 611 E. Myrtle Street to show everyone in attendance and those at home watching the news that San Antonio cannot stand aside while anyone, whether Latino, Anglo, Democrat, or Republican, attacks our human dignity. We will be distributing “No Hate” shield-shaped badges to emphasize San Antonio residents’ status as defenders of the city against hatred.

As a San Antonio resident and a gay man, I feel bound by my moral code to show my face as a personal challenger to Dan Ramos’s attacks on the honor of my city and my innate worth as a human being (not a termite!). I hope you will attend as well so we—together as San Antonians, Texans, and especially people—can prove that we cannot be bullied into silence. After this episode has ended and Ramos is removed, we must watch perpetually for hatred’s challenge. We must fearlessly meet it head on to protect those without a voice from the deadly threat of hate.

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One Response to April 16th, 2011: Stand against hate at Ramos trial

  1. tony gallucci says:

    i very much appreciate your courage to do what is right for humanity. too few of us do this. may all your endeavors bear the sweetest fruit.

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